SJC Wall of Fame

We are grateful and humbled by the support we receive from those who go above and beyond to show their love for jazz by supporting the SJC mission; the creation of community, promoting collaboration, and sharing in the effort to keep to keep classic jazz alive and thriving.


Ford, David and Lynne Cannady


Ford, David, PhD and Lynne Cannady

Gaither Family, Kathryn

GaiLang, Jordan and Terrie Kerth


Baker, Margie, PhD

Bonk, Suzanne

Hardiman, Phil and Nancy

Inchausti, Michael and Betsy

Swayze, Carolyne

Tigard, Holly

Weber, Michael


Ariola, Daniel A.

Axlerad, Merle

Ballard, Bryan & Garla

Barnes, Carole

Blakeley, Sharrell

Boxley, Sheila

Burns, Shelley

Butler, Crilly

Cody, Bernard

Crary, Ross

Dave Bass Music

Dendle, Bill

Duncan, Beth

Edmonds, Hal

Forbes, Myla

Foster, Sunny

Gilman, Joseph, PhD

Hesterman, Arla

Kanter, Ann

Lara, Irene F.

Lee, Vivian

Levitsky, Susan

Marionneaux, Sheila

McCullough, Walter A.

McMullen, Mike

Osborn, Susan

Roberts, Casey

Stokes, Linda

Wagner, John C.