SJC Adds New Board Member

Crilly Butler has a background covering multiple layers of experience and interest. First, he has spent eleven years in full-time private practice as a psychotherapist, providing him with experience in establishing strong, communicative relationships with a diversity of individuals. Secondly, spending the last 25 years developing various types of software,…

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative (SJC) is to ensure the preservation, and to foster a greater understanding of jazz as the true American art form. Objectives include increasing audience participation of all ages through education and performance.

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The current Sacramento Jazz Coop refund policy offers refunds on shows up to seven days of the performance. Effective April 1. 2018, except in the case of a cancelled show, SJC adopts a Non-refund Policy. As a nonprofit, your commitment to us in the form of your generous donations, memberships…

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