A Sliver of the Pie

Sliver of the Jazz Pie

If you’ve noticed a resurgence of jazz recently, kudos…step right up and get your aware card stamped. All over the country and internationally, jazz, like a once sleeping giant has awakened and looks to feed its dormancy and make its presence known. Nowhere does jazz thrive more than in Sacramento, where across the city one can find some form of what is described as “jazz” played in local clubs, while new or reenergized organizations stake claim to an art form that is all American at its core.
In 2016, the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative jumped on the literal 501(c )(3) bandwagon. Member-based, it survives entirely on donations, memberships and ticket sales to its performances, with a mission to preserve “classic jazz.” While it may veer slightly left or right (musically speaking), it stays pretty much in its own lane, preferring to entertain with the straight-ahead. You’ll hear swing, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Bossa Nova, cabaret standards, bebop, post-bop, and hard-bop, the latter three being phrases believed to have been coined by journalists, rather than musicians. With sixty members strong, it ranges in memberships from $100 to $1500 per year. Two legacy levels, Coltrane and Ellington, are also offered at $2500 and $5000 respectively. Over the past year, the organization has produced more than thirty performances contracting with local and touring musicians. with upcoming events scheduled through 2018. Become a part of the groove and join today. www.sacramentojazzcoop.org

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